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Chewy Reviews

The response to Chewy has been amazing - it's great to see so many cheeky little chompers enjoying their new Chewy friend!

Unique Young Mum 

"Chewy is like no other teething toy on the market, it's been created by the same fabulous people who created the award winning Neckerchew and Comfortchew, so we had high hopes on the new must have teething accessory that is Chewy! Chewy didn't fail us with our expectations, he amazed us and exceeded our expectations if anything!"

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Black Pearl Blog 

“We adore Chewy and he quickly became Mia’s new favourite toy” 

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Dolly Dowsie

"Tyler does love Chewy and he brings him around the house and out and about with him. Chewy joins Tyler at the breakfast table every morning, it's so sweet."

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The First Two Then Blue

"Kier really doesn’t enjoy sitting in his pushchair, but with Bob attached to it, he’s finding it a little more fun.”

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