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Five Tips to Help Sooth Teething Babies

You’re just getting into a routine with your little one and then the tough teething stage starts! It usually begins at around three months and can go on until your baby is around two years old (please note this varies from baby to baby). But fear not the teething stage doesn’t need to be terrible! From experience and starting a business based around this subject we’ve put together five handy tips for teething babies.

1.  Gum Massage  

Your babies’ gums are going through a tough time, they will be tender and sensitive, so try giving them a gentle massage with a clean finger. This helps reduce the pressure and provides a soothing feeling for them.

2.   Cool Water

Giving your baby cool water not only soothes their gums but it also helps with the excessive dribbling. Just make sure it’s not too cold. We don’t want to cause any more pain!

Teething gels can be a great for easing your little ones pain. It can be rubbed on the babies gum with a clean finger or even better you can rub it onto the Neckerchews teether. Your baby will naturally chew on the area causing them discomfort, this is perfect as it gets the gel on the right spot. (We know that can be a challenge).

4.  Chilled Teething Rings

A chilled teething ring is a great way to help with getting your baby through the teething stage. It gives your little one something to chomp on while the coldness will ease the discomfort on their gums. Try and get one with a good handle that won’t get too cold for them to hold.

5.  The Neckerchew

Of course, our final teething tip is the Neckerchew teething dribble bib, it’s an easy way to catch that dribble and it also gives your little one something to chomp on and help soothe their gums. Not only does it help with teething, it’s also reversible and comes in a variety of different colours and patterns to work with any outfit. View our full range here ! 

Oh, and we’ll give you one more. Cuddles, lots of cuddles. They always help!

So there you have it, our top tips to help you and your baby deal with the tough teething stage. If you have any more tips we’d love to hear from you. Share with us in the comment box below.

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