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Julie & Amy’s ‘Can’t Live Without’ Baby Items

Amy and I met with our group of mum friends the other day. All of our little ones are turning 2 over the next few weeks…where did the time go? One of the topics of conversation was the items we had found most useful so far – the ones we couldn’t have lived without!

Mine were definitely:

1.Graces ‘labels’ or now referred to as ‘blanky!’ – which was made by Slumbersac and one by Raggytags - just so soft and comforting for her when she is sleeping or upset.

2. Also her Tippitoes mini bath when she was small was a real help, it had a seat in it and really helped support her in there until she was well over one. It helped us have our hands free to do the rest of the washing bit – knowing that she was safe.

Amy’s were :

1. Ewan the Dream Sheep – I first tried ‘white noise’ when Dawson found it difficult to get himself off to sleep.  I had downloaded tracks to my iPhone which wasn’t ideal to leave next to him.  Then someone told me about Ewan!  He plays a variety of white noise and womb music as well as being cuddly and has a glowing light and has been a real help in our house!

2. Baby Carrier – I was given a Baby Bjorn sling as a gift and it has been very well used with Dawson and is already in use again with Darcy! It’s great when you need to carry your little one ‘hands free’ and gets used when I am around the house trying to get things done and the baby is needing a cuddle. It’s also great for the walks that are not suitable for the pram so this means we can still go on our adventures all together!

What else was recommended?

I guess our group were biased, but the consensus was that they found Neckerchews such a godsend ( It was this groups feedback that led us to inventing the Neckerchews!). It seems lots of their little ones have really benefited from chewing in their own time and way wherever they are – a few of us pop some teething gel on when teething pain is really bad and this works a treat!

What are your must-have baby items? Please do share your ‘must haves’ in the comments below! We will compile a list of all of your recommendations soon! 

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