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Summer Activities

It’s the summer holidays and that means two things: summer fun and stressed parents! But don’t panic - we’ve got some great ideas for burning off your little one’s excess energy and having some quality family time this summer!

Ditch the screens and the fancy new apps and get outside! There are so many sports your little one can get stuck into in the comfort of your garden. Try adapting sports from your childhood memories to make some fun summer games. We love throw-and-catch rounders; there’s no need for a bat and a hard ball, just use a beanbag or a soft ball and get your child running around the garden, racing you to the bases! It’s great fun for everyone and easy to set up.

For those super hot, midsummer afternoons, why not try a spot of hose dodge ball? Your little one will love running away from the water and splashing around! All this game requires is a hose and it’s great for cooling down in the summer sun. Don’t forget to reapply sun cream after getting wet though!

A sheltered play area in the garden is ideal for younger babies. Fill it with interesting objects for your baby to explore so they can enjoy the great outdoors and experience new things. Let them play with a basin of jelly (outdoors to avoid too much mess). Your baby will love the new textures of the grass underneath them and the jelly in their hands. This is a nice and safe option because it doesn’t matter if some jelly ends up in your baby’s mouth!

Get creative with some chalk and a pavement! Lots of bright colours and a nice space to draw will capture your toddler’s imagination. Go crazy with the arts and crafts this summer! You can even make games such as hopscotch to get your child into traditional summer fun.

If that isn’t artsy enough for you, why not teach your little one how to make bubble paintings? Lay down sheets of paper outdoors (so there’s less to clean up!) and mix together non-toxic paint and bubble mixture. You and your toddler will have loads of fun blowing colourful bubbles onto the paper and it gives you a beautiful summer creation to put on the fridge!

Younger babies can enjoy arts and crafts too! Cut out some large foam shapes (you can even use big sponges). Your baby will love playing with the bright colours and arranging them in a pretty pattern on the grass.

It may be summer but there are bound to be rainy days. Have some indoor fun whilst you wait for the sun to re-emerge! Putting coloured tape on the carpet can make a great racecourse for toy cars. Your little racer will love zooming around the makeshift course and it will keep them occupied for hours.

Kids love to get mucky so give mud pies a go this summer! There’s no need to ruin the good kitchenware, just collect some yoghurt or plant pots. Your toddler will love filling these with mud (be careful to check for stones or insects first) and experiencing the different textures.

Treat your toddler with the hot and cold game! Hide a little prize for them and get them to play detective whilst you guide them with ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. This is a fun giggle-inducing activity that can be played indoors or in the garden!

Your child loves to learn by copying you. Give your little ‘grown-up’ a basin of soapy water and let her wash her dolls clothes, rinse them out, then hang them on a line. This gives you time to get the laundry done and lets your little one ‘help with the housework’ and be just like Mum!

Why not give your toddler a sweet treat during the summer months? Teach them to make ice lollies to help cool down in the sun. You can use a simple plastic mold and even freeze different juices in layers for a colourful and creative snack! If the mud pies weren’t enough, your little chef will love creating their own concoctions with these stripy frozen treats.

Last but not least, host the classic teddy bears picnic! This can be a fun lunchtime activity where your toddler can help you prepare picnic food and you can gather in the garden with their favourite toys. Not only is this a great chance to encourage a good appetite, it’s the perfect opportunity for a sing-along of the teddy bears picnic song!

We hope you have a fun-filled summer with your little munchkins! Let us know if you have any tips for activities or if you try any of the ones mentioned above. We love to hear from you!

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