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Teething top 5 easy home remedies

Teething can sometimes catch you and your little one out…one day they are happy and in a perfect routine, the next, you’re both a hot, cranky mess! If you’re not sure whether it’s teething or not, our blog can help you to understand the symptoms.

If you do think teething is to blame, here are 5 simple and completely natural things you can do at home to help ease the pain and discomfort for your baby!

1. A cold spoon

Chill a metal teaspoon in the fridge for a few hours then let your little one bite down on it with their swollen gums (supervise them). You could also try a wooden spoon - it won't be so cold, but your baby might enjoy the texture.

2. Massage

Gum massage is a simple way to help your baby. Firstly, make sure your hands are completely clean. Then, using the pad of your finger, rub in a circular motion all along the gum line on the inside of your baby's mouth. You can do this both inside and outside along the jawline.

Body massage also releases feel-good endorphins for baby. A cold-pressed oil or vegetable oil is recommended as these are completely natural. If you've never done baby massage before, the NCT offer a great starter guide, video and advice to help get you going.

3. An icy cold flannel

Soak three quarters of a clean flannel in cooled boiled water. Keep one end dry for your baby to hold on to. Wring it out and fold it carefully making sure you don't get the dry end wet. Pop it into a freezer safe bag and put it in your freezer for an hour or two, then help your baby to hold onto the dry part and let them chew! Remember to launder flannels in between times as wet washcloths harbour germs.

4. A frozen baby bottle

Fill a baby bottle with water and freeze it upside down so the water is in the teat and then let your baby chew on the cold teat.

5. Bathtime

If all else fails, bathtime can be the distraction that relaxes your baby and takes their minds off the discomfort for a little bit. Having a suitable anti-mould bath toy, like Chewy the lovable hippo teether, to chew on while in the bath can also help to relieve some of the discomfort of their gums.

Teething can be really uncomfortable for little ones, so we hope you find some of these teething tips work for you!

Amy & Julie x


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