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Top Sing-Alongs

Nursery rhymes are a staple part of most children’s lives. Not only are they soothing and fun from a very young age, (it’s even recommended that you sing to your baby bump!), but they also help in the education of your child. Here are five modernized nursery rhymes: from day-to-day activities to plain and simple fun, we think your little one will love these!

Make mornings easier by using this super fun song for the task of brushing.

Get a head start on the alphabet with this easy to follow sing-along, not only is this vital in the early learning process, it’s a nice mellow tune so its kind to tired Mum’s ears too!

This one’s good fun and presents a great opportunity for your toddler to dance along! Let us know what you think of the ‘Elephant Steps’ song.

We know winter feels a lifetime away right now but this Snowflake Song is perfect for bedtime! The soothing tones and repetition of the word ‘falling’ will guide your little one into a peaceful sleep.

We couldn’t resist including a few of the classics! Here are 5 rhymes you’ll probably remember being sung to you!

Old MacDonald, who can forget this classic? Not only is it great for acting out the different animals and learning the noises, it can be made up as you go along! This allows your child to unleash some of that creativity. Did Old MacDonald have a porcupine and a unicorn? Of course he did! Enjoy and encourage imagination with this song!

The Wheels on the Bus. Sometimes young children can be reluctant to travel. This song helps to generate some excitement, making travelling fun rather than scary and tiring!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has been helping children drift off to sleep for years so don’t underestimate the simplicity of this song. Generate wonder at bedtime as your little one enters the land of nod.

Insy Winsy Spider, this simple rhyme helps to develop your child’s memory as well as being fun to perform! The matching motions to this nursery rhyme are what make it a favourite.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed helps to build up those all-important numerical skills. Alongside the educational value of this song, it’s about monkeys, and who doesn’t love monkeys? This tune, though it usually generates too much excitement for bedtime, is perfect for making your little monkey giggle.

Whether you opt for the new or the classic, your little one will love acting out and singing these catchy songs! Nursery rhymes are timeless and will help your child to learn anything from animal noises to names of transport to the alphabet. Create memories and learning experiences by having a nightly sing-along! What are your little ones favourite nursery rhymes? We’d love to hear from you.

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