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Top Tips for Packing Baby Change Bags

Before the little ones are born we get all prepared for their arrival with big shopping sprees of the essentials. One of the things I spent the most time looking for was a stylish changing bag with lots of pockets for all the things that you carry around with you.

When my little girl arrived I knew that the changing mat, nappies and wipes were essentials but worried that I didn’t seem to have enough to fill all the pockets! I then went through a phase of carrying round so much ‘stuff’ that I never used and just added to it on every journey – with the pram tipping backwards when I lifted her out.

So I vowed to learn some top tips for packing the changing bag and here you go, the A-E of packing a baby change bag.

Apple a day – age dependant, but when they are weaning then eating some easy to eat fruit is ideal and often a good time to get them to eat fruit at all is when out. I found blueberries and cut grapes great for being out and about although cut strawberries and apple seem the flavour of the month at the moment. Buy some small containers with lids!

Basics– Changing mat, Wipes, Nappies , Nappy bags, Cream, Muslin, tissues – key basics , sounds simple but I have had a few hairy moments with the last wipe or the nappy bag empty – worth checking before leaving the house!

Change of clothes – essential for accidents – remember an additional vest too! Also maybe it’s me but good to Clear out at the end of each day and replenish if used – I have found wee vests in the bottom of the bag on occasion that should have been in the washing machine!

Drugs – unfortunate title, but good to remember the Calpol Sachets and a spoon, you just never know when you need it! Also I carry teething Gel and teething sachets – again very handy particularly between 3months and 2 years.

Entertainment – a couple of small books are always a winner and the little ones favourite toy / game to help keep them amused while you are sipping lattes and trying to have a conversation from start to finish!

Food – Obviously their favourite milk tipple is essential either from you or the bottle / but also water in the tippy cup is handy when out. Stating the obvious, but I always do a mental plan of meals we will be out for and bring the food I need then a few more Nibbles such as raisons, oatcakes, fruit pouches and rice cakes just in case I’m out for longer than I thought. Gives me flexibility and keeps my little one satisfied for longer – well sometimes!

Obviously one item that doesn’t need packed is her Neckerchew teething dribble bib – as that one is attached to the baby…

Now that I’ve learned the top tips for packing the change bag, leaving the house seems a bit less hectic and I have all the things I need to hand to make sure we can have some great days out together. I can even bring out a handbag again!

Have you got a top tip, or something essential that must be in your baby’s change bag? Do tell us in the comments section below!

Julie x

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