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What a Month!

What a month! Where does the time go? I can’t believe it has been a month since we were at the Nursery Fair in Harrogate. This is where we officially launched the Neckerchew to the trade. It’s the UK’s largest trade show for nursery goods and there were a lot of very important buyers there. Julie and I were very excited!! We were tweeting and ‘facebooking’ whilst we were there, so I’m sure you kept up with the daily chatter!


The highlights for us were definitely being awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the BANTA Awards – we couldn’t believe we were up there competing with some major brand names and we had only been on the market for 7 weeks!

Our certificate! 

The other highlights were meeting the retailers who kept giving us such great feedback and placing orders with us to stock The Neckerchew in their stores! We had set ourselves a target of 1 large and 10 small retailers to sign up to take the range and we smashed it!! We had to try and keep our professional faces on as some buyers from large UK retail chains who we had dreamed of speaking to, approached us and gave us great feedback and showed interest in stocking the Neckerchew. We managed to stay cool and professional until they had walked away before we did our girly scream and hug!!!

The Aftermath…

Since the show, it has been a whirlwind of processing orders, sending invoices, buying boxes so as we could send our orders across the country (it’s the small things like this that you sometimes forget about!!) and putting systems in place to generate barcodes, manage stock levels, discuss selling internationally with distributors around the world….. its been a huge learning curve and a very exciting and busy month.

We also had the fantastic article in the Mail on-line which has millions of readers all over the world. This resulted in a huge number of enquiries and orders coming in over the weekend and following week it was published, it was overwhelming to get such a positive response from all over the world! (However, it wasn’t ideal that it coincided with a trip to the Sick Kids hospital with a very poorly and very hot Dawson!! The trials and tribulations of a working mum!). Luckily Dawson is back on fine form and Julie and her husband Graeme spent the weekend parcelling up Neckerchews so as Dawson and I could cuddle up watching Bannanas in Pyjamas (the best tonic apparently!).

Julie and I want to say such a huge and heart felt thank you to you all for the amazing support you have given us over the past 11 weeks since we launched. It makes our day when you take the time to send us messages to say how much you love the Neckerchew and send us adorable photos of your gorgeous little ones happily modelling them and chewing away. We are very grateful to have such loyal supporters!

Until next time…keep chewing!!

Amy & Julie x

Julie x

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