Celebs loving Cheeky Chompers

by Carrie Robertson February 16, 2017 1 min read

Celebs loving Cheeky Chompers

Kristina Rihanoff

"My little angel is loving  toys! The teething is started!"


Tina Barrett

"Thank you  Roman will love these"


Chemmy Alcott

"The next cheeky monkey to chomp on this will be my baby boy  thanks  love these"


Cath Tyldesley

"CheekyChompers Alfie is loving his goodies!! Genius! Thankyou xx"


Marissa Hermer

"Thank you  for Sadie's drool neckerchief - helps her teething x"


H Steps

"Thanks  !! "


Sunny Andrea

"If your after some fab teething goodies for your baby,checkout the range from  - our little man loves them!! "


Amy Williams

" Gone & got some wonderful baby products, blanket, blanket & Comfortchews. Love a bit of grey-neutral baby colour!"


Charlotte Coleman

"Thank you so much  - such lovely products & I'm glad you enjoyed the other night ! Lots raised for  x"


Carrie Robertson
Carrie Robertson

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