Easy fruit & veg teething remedies

April 09, 2020 2 min read

Easy fruit & veg teething remedies

If you love to try natural remedies to help your little one through their teething journey, and they have already started on solids (6+ months), you will love our suggestions for our favourite fruit and veg for teething! Not only will your tot get the benefit of easing their teething discomfort, but they will be getting vitamins and nutrients too. AND it will help develop their hand-eye coordination and learning about tastes and textures!

As with anything that involves chewing and eating, we strongly recommend your little one is placed in an upright seated position when trying any of these teething relieving remedies and that they are supervised at all times too. Also remember, once weaning has started, if you haven't already, this is the time to incorporate a good tooth care routine for your baby  or toddler , so please bear this in mind with all of our teething suggestions.

1. Bananas

Most babies love the taste of banana when they start weaning, and because it doesn’t keep very well, this is a great zero waste tip too! Peel a banana, slice it in half and then half again length-ways into batons. Put it into a freezer bag or tub and freeze for a while, then pass to your little one with a clean cloth around the bottom so it’s not too cold for their little hands! Warning – this can get messy but worth it!

2. Carrots

Get a full-sized carrot (i.e. not miniature baby carrots), wash it thoroughly and peel it, and put it in the fridge. Then pass to your baby and let them ‘gum’ on it as they like.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple is acidic so we suggest this one for older babies 10+ months who have no digestive issues such as reflux. Pineapple is known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties which is why it could work well for teething tots. A safe way of giving your little one pineapple is to let them gnaw on a chilled pineapple core where the nutrients are most abundant.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber rings are the original teething rings as they are the perfect size for little hands! Pop into the freezer for a few minutes to give it a cold blast which will to help soothe their painful gums. If your little one bites little bits off the cucumber, do make sure you are supervising closely.

5. Strawberries

So tasty and satisfying for little ones during the discomfort of teething! Chill them in the fridge and use with a mesh feeder for independent chewing, or puree some strawberries and add a low sugar/natural yoghurt and put them in the freezer in a ice lolly mould to make yummy teething lollies.

You can get make even more exotic with your flavours, depending on what stage of weaning your little one is at and what fruits and vegetables you have available – why not try out this delicious recipe for teething lollies, packed full of flavour and goodness too!

We also have lots more easy at-home remedies for you to try and more natural teething remedies too and of course our great range of products  to help your little one too!

Why not share this blog with someone you know who is going through teething too?

Amy & Julie xx


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