The Chomper Diaries #1

November 29, 2017 2 min read

The Chomper Diaries #1

16th October

It’s almost half way through our first year and I’m starting to think I’ve got this parenting malarkey sussed – check me out:

1.  managed to get us both in a fit state for public viewing by 9.39am (still late for Boogie Babies but this was due to circumstances out-with my control – namely a FOURTH nappy change being added into our morning schedule)

2.  DS managed a straight 7 hour sleep last night. And I slept for at least 5 of those, which is 2 more than usual :)

20th October

I’ve noticed DS taking a considerable interest in some unusual items around the house. Has he turned into a tech-freak overnight? The TV remote control and my mobile phone seem to be most popular, heading straight into his slobbery gob. And by slobbery, I mean SLOBBERY…think Hooch from Turner and Hooch...nice...

21st October

Additional items being placed in mouth today, including keys (confiscated asap), my favourite jade stone necklace (confiscated asap), and his own toys (also confiscated due to recurrent drool/carpet-fluff combo – pretty gross). I have nicknamed him ‘Chewy’ – in homage to his love of mouthing everything in sight, rather than any reference to Star Wars BTW.

Turned very clingy too all of a sudden??

27th October

So it’s confirmed. A little toothy-peg is lurking under his bottom gum. I say little – it feels more like a boulder – his gum is so hard and swollen. I forecast a storm. Poor Chewy :(

26th November

Ok – one is not amused – it’s been a month now. Chewy’s cheeks look like he’s been in a sauna every day for the last week and he’s been rubbing away at his little chops. Tooth reveal yourself and put us out of our misery! Been using some homeopathic teething powders which seem to help a bit (or at least make me feel like I’m doing something!). That 7 hour sleep is turning into a dim and distant memory…

2nd December

Chewy’s gum where the boulder is hiding has turned a bizarre blue/purple colour. Time to get the big guns out – teething gel applied onto the end of his Neckerchew so he can get it at just the right spot and lots of cuddles!

4th December

Hoorah! The tooth has appeared. What started as a millstone has turned into a milestone! Only 17 more of the lil’ blighters to go   

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