The top seven 21st-century innovations for parents


Herald Scotland - Jan 2016

Parenting is easy. Said nobody…ever. But it can't be said that parenting babies and infants is as hard as it used to be.  Thanks to technological advances and about 200,000 years of trial and error, it is easier than ever to keep our little cherubs fit and well and occasionally even quiet.

Here is our list of the top eight 21st-century parenting innovations that make the hard times bearable and the good times easy.

The Neckerchew

OK, so we're a little biased because it's a Scottish product and we're featuring its creators, Julie Wilson and Amy Livingston of Cheeky Chompers, on Herald Scotland this weekend, but it's one of those great eureka solutions that comes up in conversation and ends up coming to fruition.

What is it? It's a bib that babies can chew, which has the double benefit of allowing them to ease teething pains while keeping their clothes clean.

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