Teething Toys

Our clever safe and attachable teething toys soothe sore teething gums and help teeth break through! 

Teething Toys

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Teething Toys

Chewy the Hippo Teether


Why Babies Love It
  • Chewable
  • Safe
  • Attachable
  • Sensory
  • It’s good to chomp

    Your baby will love the texture of ‘Chewy’ our hippo teether. His hippo shape and rounded handles are great for little hands to hold and he has lots of squidgy chewy bits! Your little one can chomp their teething troubles away and help those little teeth break free. When the chewing stage is eventually over, ‘Chewy’ will still be their little squidgy friend! 

  • 100% safe to chew

    Chewy is beautifully made from soft natural rubber, is phthalate and BPA free, will never flake or peel and is 100% safe to chew on. Safety tested to the highest standards worldwide.

  • Chewy isn’t going anywhere!

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a gravity-defying, always-there, un-throw-awayable teether? Chewy’s handy attachable strap means he can be attached to the harness strap of the car seat, buggy or pram! Let’s put an end to losing precious friends!

  • sensory experience!

    With lots of lovely squidgy bits to nibble and chew, Chewy provides your little one with a unique sensory experience – he’s tactile and easy for little hands to hold, has a soothing smell and cute squeak to stimulate all the senses.