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Natural Teething Remedies

Want to help your little one through teething a more natural way? Here are some DIY remedies you can easily try at home – they’re all completely natural and although you may find some a little unusual, when it comes to teething, us parents are usually prepared to try anything that might help!

Chamomile tea
Make some (anti-inflammatory) chamomile tea and pour it into a bowl. Then pop a clean cloth into the tea and leave in the fridge until chilled. Wring the cloth out to remove excess liquid and let your baby bite down on the cool, damp cloth.

Ginger root
Obviously your little one won’t be at the stage of eating ginger, but you can peel a small amount of fresh ginger root (like Chamomile tea, it also has anti-inflammatory properties) and rub it on your baby’s gums. They may find the taste unusual, but it may be the distraction they need to take their mind of teething pain!

A great one if your tot is able to sit unaided (but supervised) in his or her highchair. Pineapple is also known for its anti-inflammatory benefits (who knew?!) and we imagine the core is quite a satisfying gnaw when your gums hurt!

Home-made teething biscuits
You’ve no doubt seen teething biscuits in the shops, but we are now more educated about the amount of sugar many of these contain. So why not try making your own? We’ve got a simple banana-based recipe here for even the least kitchen-savvy parent!

Breast milk ice lollies
Lots of mums freeze their pumped breast milk for a later date. For teething tots, put your milk into a lolly mould or a food mesh bag for baby.

Coconut oil
Lots of us are using coconut oil more and more as a cooking oil, or as a beauty product. As well as being 100% natural, it can also provide a ‘barrier’ to all the excess dribble that your baby produces during teething. Rubbing a little on your little one’s chin periodically can help prevent them from getting an uncomfortable teething rash.

Teething can be a very tough time for baby and mum, so we hope you find a fail-safe remedy for your little one. Remember kisses and cuddles will help you both, as will taking time out when you can. Best of luck with #teething!

Amy & Julie x

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