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Teething Recipe – Ice Lollies

Contribution from Pamela Newby, also known as Edinburgh Food Girl.

Ice lollies never go out of season.  It could be snowing outside and my kids would still ask for ice lollies! And that’s why I make sure I always have a stock in the freezer, and I also make sure they are a healthy snack despite the kids thinking they are a treat.  For my son, who’s still in the process of cutting those final back molars, the cold lolly is a welcome source of pain relief too. 

Lolly moulds can be bought inexpensively from any supermarket or bargain store and are worth buying for ease, but if you don’t have one, a plastic cup with a lolly stick (or a teaspoon as I used to use as a kid!) will do the job nicely. 

I have no set recipe because they are so simple and versatile.  The beauty of homemade ice lollies is that they are low cost, healthy and a great way to use up ripe fruit and yogurt/milk.  (In fact, if you’re really short of time, just throw the yogurts in the freezer with a lolly stick stuck in the top of the unopened lid). 

You can use for example; milk, yogurt, fruit juices or coconut milk (or a combination of these) mixed with any pureed or chopped fruit (raspberries, blueberries, banana, strawberries, kiwi, melon – whatever you have handy).  I tend to do a mix of pureed fruit ones for my little one and, as my older daughter likes to see the nice different colours of the fruit, I chop some too for a chunkier texture.   

Some of our favorite combinations:

• Pineapple and coconut milk (or coconut water)

• Strawberry and raspberry puree with yogurt (plain, strawberry or raspberry)

• Kiwi, apple and mint (apple juice, chopped kiwi and finely chopped fresh mint)

• Banana and milk (simply pureed together with a squeeze of honey to sweeten)

For some inspiration of flavour combinations….ask your kids!  Mine have come up with some of the best combinations!

Content provided by provided by Pamela Newby, also known as Edinburgh Food Girl.

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