Why are Cheeky Chompers’ teething bibs more expensive than other brands?

Why are Cheeky Chompers’ teething bibs more expensive than other brands?

When you have a baby, there are so many things to buy and so many options to choose from! You want to make sure your money is well spent, understand what you're using on your precious little one and make as informed and safe a decision as possible.

 In this blog we explain why our dribble bibs and teething bibs can be more expensive than some other brands and everything behind the scenes that goes into making them.

Did You Know Cheeky Chompers Invented the World’s First Teething Bib?

Cheeky Chompers Neckerchews were the world’s first teething dribble bibs. They were invented by our founders, Julie & Amy whilst on maternity leave with their first babies (how cool is that!).

 Julie and Amy kept finding themselves wishing they could buy a teether that stayed attached to the baby, to prevent teethers getting dropped, or lost and keep them hygienic. Also putting the baby in charge of when they wanted to chew!

Out of this need, the Neckerchew was born!

On A Mission to Source the Softest & Most Absorbent Fabric

They made it their mission to make sure only the best materials were used. They wanted to source the softest and most absorbent fabrics to make sure they could absorb all of the excess dribble and help prevent teething rash.

Soft fabric against their baby's skin was so important for comfort as well as absorbency. They wanted it to feel as soft as your favourite old T-shirt!

This led to the use of high quality, absorbent and now organic cotton fab

Introducing 3-layer Technology

As part of the mission for the bib to be as absorbent as possible and lock moisture and dribble away from the babies chest, The Neckerchew teething bib and Neckerbib dribble bib use 3-layer technology. That's 3 layers of super absorbent fabric including a hidden middle layer to lock moisture in, keeping babies' chests as dry as possible.

This also meant they could make the bibs reversible – not with the same colour or pattern on both sides but with an alternative so each Neckerchew or Neckerbib has a different colour or print on the both sides meaning it can match a range of outfits – like 2 bibs in 1!

Choosing a Safe, Durable Teether

Next came the chewy teether – this had to feel soft, squishy and bendable – not hard, brittle and plasticky! Imagine if you had aching gums, what would you prefer to chew on ?

The shape and size of the teething end was also super important, both for safety standards (so it can’t be a choking hazard to the baby) and the shape that can reach as much of the gum area as possible to help those new teeth break through!

Food grade silicone was the perfect choice, giving both a sustainable, long lasting, durable and safe option that ticked all the boxes!

Built To Last!

Adjustable in size, machine washable over and over again without reducing quality, and manufactured in a way that prevents edges that curl up (because isn’t that just annoying?) the Neckerchew and Neckerbib are built to last!

They can grow with your baby, are easy and convenient to launder and last for years, so rather than having to keep buying replacements you know you’re getting value for money with a product you can use time and time again.

Safety Testing Is At the Heart of What We Do

Safety Testing has always been of the highest importance – as Mums themselves, Amy and Julie invest heavily in to this area of the business at all stages of product development, manufacturing and pre shipping quality checks.

When a product goes around a baby’s neck and in their mouth, nothing is left to chance! Although we have a great range of designs, it costs a lot of money to safety test every colour that we use in new prints, so we keep the range core and classic and bring out a couple of new prints each year.

Fair Supply Chain

We have a strong global supply chain, work with great partners and pay our suppliers fairly

We hope you found this helpful, to have all the information you need to choose between brands and products that are best for your baby. Our products are definitely not the cheapest on the market, but there are many reassuring factors behind this.

Please do get in touch if you have any further questions for us, we would love to hear from you!




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